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Know extra about the iPhone screen replacement kit with my blog site pointers as well as guide.

How To repair An IPhone Screen (with Photos)


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iphone 7 screen replacement kit


How to repair an iPhone Screen

Three Elements:Lifting Up the ScreenRemoving ComponentsInstalling the new ScreenCommunity Q&A

If you have broken your iPhone display screen, you most likely must repair it rapidly. If you don't have time or the money to take it into the store for repairs, you possibly can easily and cheaply do it at home. All you want is an inexpensive repair equipment (or simple tools that you simply would possibly already have) and Shenzhen Resun new display.


Half 1
Lifting Up the Display screen

Remove the screws from the bottom of the phone. Use a very small star-shaped (pentalobe) screwdriver to unscrew the 2 screws at the base of the phone. The bottom is right below the house button. Take care to not drop the small screws on the ground after you've removed them.[1] - A really small Phillip's screwdriver will not work to remove these screws. A pentalobe screwdriver has five factors and is a safety function that Apple frequently makes use of for its merchandise.

Apply a suction cup to the screen. Take a small suction cup and place it directly on the underside half of the screen. Press down firmly so it sticks to the damaged screen. Your suction cup should have a metal ring extending from it, making it simpler to handle.[2] - If the suction cup is having bother sticking to the display screen, barely moisten the suction cup and press it against the screen.

Cowl the display screen with packaging tape if the suction cup doesn't stick. In case your display screen is so damaged that the glass is damaged in a number of places, the suction cup may not be capable to follow the screen. If that's the case, lower a strip of clear packing tape and canopy your screen with one easy piece. Apply the suction cup to the lined display screen.[3][4] - Attempt not to cowl up the home button when placing the tape on.

Pull up on the suction cup. Gently pull up on the suction cup while you hold the telephone down. You could have to firmly pull up on the screen a number of times before it starts to come away from the frame. When it does, transfer the suction cup to the nook of the display so you have got better leverage when pulling it away.[5] - Remember to keep away from covering the house button with the suction cup. If you cowl it, the cup will not be capable to suction the screen away.

Insert a pry tool. Once part of the display is beginning to raise away at the bottom corner, take a thin pry device and insert it beneath the display. Gently take the pry device and slide it alongside the underside to loosen the screen.[6] - Your restore package could have include thin plastic sliders or guitar picks which you can insert as soon as you've begun prying up the screen. Take care not to push them in too far or they might get stuck.

Slide the pry device around the entire edge. Slowly slide the pry instrument alongside every side of your telephone's screen so that you loosen it evenly. Keep away from pulling up so much on one side since this could harm or split the display or house button. Your goal is to loosen after which take away the display screen in one piece.[7][8] - You would possibly find it simpler to slide a thin guitar choose as an alternative of a prying instrument when loosing the edges of the display.


Elevate up the screen. Hold the underside of the cellphone down by putting your fingertips on one facet of the cellphone. Hold your different hand over the cellphone in order that your thumb is one one aspect of the display screen and your index and center finger are on the opposite facet. Gently carry the display screen up about ninety levels.[9] - Bear in mind that the display remains to be connected to wires within the phone so don't fully remove the screen.

Part 2
Removing Elements

Take away the top-right shield. Should you have a look at the top-right hand nook of the inside of your telephone, you'll see a small steel plate with three screws holding it in. You will must take away those screws and remove the shield proper to left. Elevate the shield away.[10][11] - Keep your screws and shield collectively but away from every other screws and parts you've got already eliminated. This may make it easier to reassemble.

Release the connectors. Underneath the metal shield, you will see three ribbon-like connectors which might be protecting the screen and backside of the cellphone together. Launch every ribbon, beginning with the one on prime. You may lift the screen away.[12] - You'll want to make use of your fingertips to gently pry up the ribbons.

Remove the highest metallic plate of the earpiece. As soon as you've lifted away the display screen, you should see a small metal plate near the top inside your phone. Take the pentalobe screwdriver and take away the 2 tiny screws so that you could elevate the small plate away.[13] - Set aside the screws and plate, conserving them separate from other screws and pieces.

Remove the home button screws. At the underside of the phone, you'll see a metal plate covering the home button. Take your pentalobe screwdriver and take away the 2 small screws.[14] - If you find it troublesome to unscrew the screws, adhesive could also be preserving them in place. Continue using the screwdriver till the come out. Whereas some people suggest utilizing a hair dryer to warm up the adhesive, this can overheat and damage the phone's LCD.

Unscrew and carry away the back plate. It's best to see two small screws on the again plate itself (close to the house button at the underside and the earphone piece close to the top) and two along each facet of the cellphone. Take your pentalobe screwdriver and remove the screws. Take away the again plate and set it aside.[15][16] - Consider setting each screw near the place it goes on the cellphone. This may make it simpler to remember the place every one goes while you reassemble the plate.

Raise away the home button and plate. Turn the telephone over and push the button through the phone so that it falls out. Now you possibly can slowly peel back the plate to take away it. Avoid pulling it quickly or twisting since this will rip it. You also needs to remove the connectors at the highest of the screen.[17][18] - You should have already removed the screws from the plate.

Half 3
Installing the new Display screen


Install the home button. Get your new display screen out and place the home button display screen into it. Set the steel residence button plate over it and use the pentalobe and screws you eliminated earlier to safe it to the brand new screen.[19] - Make sure that the sticker for the home button sticks down.


Reattach the highest connectors. Discover the small metallic tip of the connector that goes back into the highest of the phone. Carefully insert this into its gap before you push in the rest of the connector.[20] - The digicam should sit in its uncovered gap if you've got finished this step accurately.


Secure the back plate. Set the metal back plate over the phone and screw it back in. Remember that there are two screws on the plate (one close to the highest and one near the bottom) and two screws on each aspect.[21] - For the reason that screws are different sizes it is vital to get the correct screws again into place.


Reattach the earpiece. Set the earpiece back in the top right nook of the phone. Discover the screws that you just removed for it and screw them back in in order that the earpiece is secured to the cellphone.[22] - You need to have two screws for the earpiece.


Join the new screen to the cellphone. You should have three ribbon-like connectors coming off of the new screen. Insert these into the phone close to the top. Ensure to insert the underside connector first so that you can easily put on the top connector final. Set the steel plate again over the connectors and screw it back in.[23][24] - In case your cellphone would not come on once you have completely changed the display screen, one of these connectors will not be inserted utterly or correctly. Take away the display and test the connectors.


Press the brand new display onto the cellphone. Once the screen and telephone are loosely related, decrease the display into place on the phone. Make certain the guides are properly inserted on the top corners. No gaps should exist along the highest, then firmly press the display screen onto the telephone from the highest to the bottom. Screw in the final two screws on the underside of the telephone (these are those subsequent to the lightening port). Now you can turn on and use your cellphone.[25] - You shouldn't have any hole between the cellphone and the display screen.

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Is there a manner to fix the back of a cracked iPhone X with out the repair package? I haven't got the money or time to purchase one.

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No. For those who broke the glass back of your iPhone X, you will have to get a package or take it to a professional.
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Things You will Need

Damaged iPhone 5

Alternative glass display

Pentalobe screwdriver (star-formed tip)

Suction cup with ring

Pry instrument

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